Condensed Curried Carrot Soup

Hey! Remember that Covid Virus thing that was going around a while back? Remember when folks were stocking up on Toilet Paper? Well, along with TP, many a man (myself included) put in an extra few weeks worth of food. I mean, you can call it hoarding if you want. Certainly as slang, I do. But it's also just being prudent and doing what The Man told us to do, which in my case meant holing up with a few weeks of food and going into hibernation.

It's six months later and I've eaten almost all of my Lock-Down Supplies. In fact, things are looking so well that some folks have up and gotten rid of their Survival Faire. Meaning, I recently was gifted (albeit, indirectly) a small collection (please, call it a stash, cache, or hoard) of Hard Tack Staples, including a half-dozen cans of Condensed Soup.

And having eaten a few cans of Condensed Soup, it's time to trick it out a little. Of course, the real trick in all this is the use of a Stick Blender to disguise what I am doing and hide my tracks.
And then, I used the stick blender to make it all creamy.

I thought this would work. And it did. It's really quite tasty. And I could see doing something similar for a High End Restaurant. Sure, they'd probably start with Raw Carrots. But it took me no more than ten minutes from start to finish, including the time to heat it up. So, pardon me if I don't bother working it up from scratch.

This trick is a winner.

Dinner Is Served!

Maybe, I will try a similar dish with Canned Peas, tomorrow.

August, 2020

Brett Food

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