Leftover Spaghetti

What can I say? I enjoy cooking much more when I write down the process as I go. It doesn't make much difference how basic the process might be or how many times I've written it down before. So, here we go. One more time.

And from there, it's some noodles, some sauce, and some cheese... proportioned to taste.

That's Good Stuff!

I had one giant meal.

And then, I made a sort of Lasagna with the leftovers (from the top down):
I expect to have this on The 'Morrow.

The Lasagna was good, but not great. I'd like a little more spice. And wherever the noodle poked through, it got hard. So, it needs to be completely covered. Still, very serviceable. And no one else was near as critical as I.

Originally, the idea had been to put in a few Frozen Meals. Hence, the title of the page. But things didn't work out that way. I managed to freeze a single small bag of sauce. Maybe, next time.

August, 2020

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