Pork & Peas Chili

I'd decided to make a bit of Chili. And in looking for a Can of Corn, I realized I was a bit heavy on Peas, being prone to buy them, but never use them. So, I added a Can of Peas to the Chili and it worked out just fine.

At this point, there was a fair bit of liquid in the pot. I add the cans whole with every drop of liquid... and then some, as I tend to rinse my cans out with lots of water. So, I boiled it down for an hour until only solids were left. I thought about adding Bread (or Cracker Crumbs) to thicken the watery mixture. But did not.

In a dish like this, the Pickle Juice provides most of the flavour. The Chili/Stew was pretty sweet on account of how much Sugar was in the Pickle Juice.

I'd do again... and will come mealtime for the next few days.

The Peas all but disappeared. They are not noticeable visibly and do not effect the taste. Though, this batch (of Glop) does have a grainy sort of mouth-feel to it, which may have been caused by the Peas.

Still, after adding Sour Cream and Corn Chips, I devoured this.

It was good.

July, 2020

Brett Food

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