Andouille Spaghetti

Two packages of Andouille Sausage were procured for The Jambalaya, where only one was required. And I feel like Spaghetti. So, I'm going to make some Andouille Spaghetti. It's not going to be complicated.

The Big Fry Up

The ingredients were added to the pot, item by item, in the order listed, frying to completion as I went.

And then, Rice Pasta was prepared per the instructions on the package, overcooking it just a little, as el dente appears (you know, to me) to be Italian for undercooked and/or raw.

All Easy Peasy.

I liked it.

In fact, everyone liked it.

Between the Supermarket Sauce and the Andouille Sausage, there was plenty of spice to go around. No need to add any more.

June, 2020

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