The Goop - Fish, Chicken Andouille Sausage, Peppers - This was very tasty
It's a cooked picture in that all the good stuff has been brought to the surface for ease of viewing. Not shown is the juice, which for a dish like this, is the best part.


Andouille Sausage
I de-glazed the pan slightly with Water. The Water, Sausage, and Onion was transferred to a Big Pot. The Sausage is not as Brown as I would like. So, a BBQ would work better. But as I have none at my disposal, semi-brown will have to do.

Bacon Fried Chicken Breast
These turned out slightly better. Still, not as brown as I would like. But there's a hint. At the end, I stopped the cooking process dead by adding a small bit of Water, pouring the lot (Water and all) into the Big Pot.

Bacon Fried Scrap Fish
So, that went pretty well. I'm not going to try and brown it. It's cooked. That's good enough. I did have the thought that I may have been better off reversing the order of preparation, dumping all the Bacon Grease in and cooking Fish, Chicken, and then Sausage. But that's not what I did, now, is it?

Simmer The Lot

Bell Peppers
I fried this up (ever so briefly) in the Bacon Grease, which was all spiced up from the Fish, that remained in the pan.

Bacon Fried Rice
The Rice Water is positively murky. This is going to be some Tricked Out Rice. And then, with the Jambalaya on top, we are talking pure decadence.

At some point, I'll take the shrimp out, reduce the Water, and add some Egg Yolks that have been lying around. But that comes in an hour or so.

Oh, the only reason I am cooking the Shrimp in with the Rice Water is that the rest is never going to get Boiling Hot, again... just the occasional simmer.

Served with Yogurt (as we had no Sour Cream), this stuff was great. The Rice was a sort of porridge mess from all the stirring (and the higher heat on account of wanting to eat soon). But the flavour was all there.

I definitely would do this again.

June, 2020

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