more of a stew than a soup, we have bot a beige light broth courtesy of the cream cheese from the creamed spinach, with bits of browned hot dog and black beans making the majority of the rest of the color

Black Bean Mush

I would have called it Black Bean Soup, but I'm pretty sure it's going to eat more like mush.
If needed, I'll spike with Red or Black Pepper. But I don't think it will be required.

After frying the Hot Dogs, I brought the lot to a low boil, just enough to heat it. And now, it's sitting for a while, cooling off, and letting the flavours dissipate and diffuse.

It was fine by itself, but I added a bit of Sour Cream to my second helping. I could, also, see adding Onions (not really my thing), Cheese (might do), or Parmesan (which is also a Cheese, but I tend to use it more like a condiment).

May, 2020

Brett Food

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