Chili carne Chili

This will be a mushy Rice. So, I will bring to boil and let it simmer until it is time for me to go on a walk. Depending upon my level of boredom, I may start adding other things to trick it out prior to the Rice being all the way cooked... about an hour simmering on a low boil.
And it is here that I felt the need to add a random amount of additional water, having boiled off what little there had been prematurely. Rice needs to be slow cooked. And I just boiled that water right off. So quickly (in fact), I'm lucky I didn't scorch the lot.

And now, ironically, mere moments later, I want to boil off all the added water, as I've got a lot of liquid coming my way.
Oh, hey.

Guess what?

No, really. Guess?

Yep, that's right. The Scallions as mentioned above are really Green Onions. The rest of the bag is going bad. So, I'll be using those instead of a Regular Onion.
Yesterday (or was it the day before), I had Hamburgers. And since The Meat was sort of frozen when I cooked it, they did not turn out very well. One of the Leftover Patties is raw and the other is falling apart. So, they are more Meat than Hamburger Patty. Knowing this at the time (knowing I would be making Chili and not having leftover Hamburgers), I covered the pan (Grease, Hamburgers, and All), prior to shoving in the refrigerator. And that's the pan I'm starting with.
So, like, all that is in a frying pan and I'm going to cook it up on high, having turned off the main pot, because I've reduced it enough. And at this point, The Rice had better be cooked.

Eh, while frying, I added more stuff.
The frying went well. I cooked the meat thoroughly, but not too much. And nothing stuck to the pan, so the Olive Oil did its thing.

Now, I'm going to taste it, as I expect the need to add a little more spice. So, maybe we should just say, I added the following to taste. Also, oddly, though I was happy to listen to music while doing almost all of the foregoing, while tasting, I wanted to be all there, which means:
And then, I tasted the glop and added:

In Your Face!


The Black Beans are a little harder/firmer than I was expecting, but that's it. This is a hit.

We will eat with:
But that's not for a few hours.

Oh, sorry. I almost forgot. I added a Bag of Bread Crumbs (about a Cup's worth) to thicken the goop up. Totally, not required. But since the Chili will be sitting for a few hours (stove off), the Crumbs should all but disappear by then.

My mouth is already watering.

The Bread Crumbs did the trick, soaking up all the loose Water. And the Chili was nice and thick.

Also, far more importantly, it tasted great. I really only had to flavour The Meat. The Pickle Juice flavoured the rest.

The final serving will be topped with a few fried eggs and served as breakfast.

May, 2020

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