Leftover Pizza

We almost always get more Pizza than we need. And by more, I mean purposely ordering a Second Pizza (or not bothering to try to come to an agreement on the first), just so we have leftovers.... plenty of leftovers.

On the first night (if feeling particularly self-indulgent), I might eat upwards of 10-12 Slices. Whereas, for leftovers, I often only have two.

Anyway, whatever is leftover that first night is (for the most) frozen right away. I slap two Slices back-to-back (crust-to-crust), slide them in a Zip Lock Bag, and stack those baggies in the freezer.

Come time to eat (what this post is about), I take 1-2 Bags out (so, 2-4 Slices) and use a Butter Knife (being extra careful not to slice off a finger, those Butter Knifes are sharp) to separate the two pieces.

And then:
The process Super-Crunchifies the Crust™ and is worlds better than either microwaving or oven heating the Leftover Pizza on a Pie Plate, which is what I used to do. Though, I must admit, due to the mess, I never tried putting Leftover Pizza directly on an open rack in the oven, something which is probably pretty darn tasty (if messy, probably very-very messy), in and of itself.

But then, if we are still discussing alternatives, perhaps I failed to mention that Super-Crunchified Crust™. It's pretty darn special... worthy of a write-up all on its lonesome.

May, 2020

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