Fried Rice

I've never made Fried Rice before. Let's see how it goes.

Eh, the Vegetables are not chopped as finely as I might like. When I dumped them out, they made quite the mess, getting all over the place. So, I just dumped what (was not part of the aforementioned mess; and therefore, had) remained on the cutting board into the frying pan.

I essentially added the stuff in order and in layers: everything up to and including the Vegetables... then, the Rice... and finally, the Eggs.

It being done when the Eggs are done.

And then, other issues called. So, I let it cool down... prior to adding the eggs... which I will do in awhile... after reheating... once again.

So, this will be Twice Heated Refried Rice.

For crappy leftovers, this was pretty darn good. To be sure, the mix was a bit soggier than I would have liked, so the texture was all off. But it went down super-smooth. I think the added Sugar had a lot to do with that.

The Rice started pretty soggy... and that likely explains that.

Finally, I might have been better off making a divot in the center and scrambling the Eggs prior to mixing them in with the rest, rather than adding the raw Egg to the top, and scrambling en mass.

Something like this will get done again soon enough. It really did just go down... the man says at 4pm, this being the first meal he's had on the day. But that's not all that terribly odd, strange, or unusual. Really, just an hour or two off... and I wasn't dying. My food is simply shifted later in the day compared to most folks... or at least, compared to my conception of most folks. Besides, in another hour or two, another full load of food will be going down.

May, 2020

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