Soup Medley

It's time to clean out the freezer... at least, in part.

2-3 Cups Duck Broth
1-1.5 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Cup Mushroom Gravy
1 Cup Mash Potato Salad

1 Drop of Wasabi Paste
1 Cup Guacamole
1 Cup Refried Beans

½ Cup Frozen Peas
1 Piece (the heel) Raisin Bread

8oz Hot Dogs
8oz Imitation Crab

Of the first group of ingredients, the most interesting it the Mash Potato Salad. This was made (by another, dearest one) going on a year ago. And I do believe every last packet of leftovers has been utilized by adding it to one of these Throw It All In Stews.

Anyway, the double spacing in between ingredients corresponds with a melting phase (bringing it all up to temperature), as I did other things while the soup came up to speed, boiled, and/or simmered gently away, depending upon how much attention I was giving it.

If it is not obvious, I am simply going through the freezer and tossing in everything that seems like it might possibly work... as it usually does.

I'm running low on Hot Dogs, so I'll need to start thinking about where and when I include them.

As to the Imitation Crab Meat, it's clear to me (as this package has been sitting in the freezer for half a year) that I do not turn to this ingredient as often as I used to. I used to make a Tuna Salad sort of dip out of Imitation Crab with Pickle Juice, which was... passable.

Lots of the inclusions (Mash Potato Salad, Mushroom Gravy, Refried Beans, and even the Hot Dogs) came with plenty of spice... well, Salt mostly in regards to the Hot Dogs. Or maybe, I was so hungry, there was no need to add any more flavouring.

I might spike it with Sour Cream, tomorrow. And then again, maybe I won't.

Yogurt and Sour Cream worked well to cut the Salt. Feta Cheese did not. The Beans (previously added) caused the goop to solidify into a gelatin when cool. While I believe the extra Saltiness (the dish is a bit too Salty and I didn't add any) came from the Mushroom Gravy.

I definitely would not hunt out this mixture ever again. But it is all going to go. So, it's good enough. But that's about it... likely because of the Salt. Because if it weren't so Salty, I'd likely want to add some Spice, which means, the ingredients that were used would become carriers for flavour rather than the flavour, itself.

Eh, that's not clear. This stuff is too Salty; so Salty, in fact, that adding any further flavouring seems like a mistake.

I had been treating this more as a stew. But after adding a few more cups of water, I can say this is some pretty tasty soup. So there you are (or at least, I am), the next time I come up with something too Salty, I'll add water and hope for a tasty soup.

February, 2020

Brett Food

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