Banana Cherry Brownies

The starting place is (roughly) the same as I've used for all my other Brownie Recipes. But this time, I had a few Bananas taking up space in the freezer, so they got mixed in with everything else.

2 Sticks Butter
25 Squares 72% Chocolate (so, 11oz)

Melt and Stir

In fact, a break between items in the ingredient list (almost always) means mix and stir.

{It certainly does in this particular recipe. Though, at other times, it may just mark a cognitive type break: like, say, a switch from vegetables to spices in a stew.}

2 Cups Brown Sugar
¼ Cup Molasses

4 Eggs
1 Cup Cherries
2-3 Cups Bananas

Both the Cherries and Bananas were sort of thawed by now. But I only included them at this particular moment in time so as to cool off the mixture, thereby insuring the Eggs would not congeal. I am sure I would have added them after the Flour, otherwise. But in the end, it made no difference.

1 Cup Flour

2 Cups Oatmeal

From there, it's a small matter to spread the goop out into a well (and I mean well, so perhaps, I mean super-well) Buttered Glass Baking Dish, while sprinkling a hefty (by which I mean a super-hefty) layer of Salt over the top.

So, like, we have Semi-Brownie Goop full of extra moisture (from the Fruit) and Extra Dark Chocolate (from the, er, um, Extra Dark Chocolate) sandwiched between two extra layers of Butter and Salt.

What could go wrong?

60 minutes at 350° (letting the lot cool in the oven) and I think I have my snacks for the 'morrow.


These are good!

The Bananas were pretty ripe. But that did not make a difference. In fact, it may have made the Brownies taste better, as the Banana flavour really pops. Besides, any alcohol (from the fermented Bananas and these Bananas were slightly fermented) cooked off. So, no worries on that account.

I would definitely do these again over Banana Bread.

In the end, though, I think I would have preferred the edges to be a bit crispier. Thus, they could have used a bit more time... just a bit, though, as one (meaning I) does not want them getting dark about the edges.

February, 2020

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