Chicken Chili

1 Cup Chicken Juice
¼ Cup Beef Juice

1lb Chicken Thighs
1 Can Black Beans

Red Pepper
Black Pepper

There's really nothing inspired here. I had made a tray of Chicken Thighs. But I was getting sick of them. So, I pulled the meat off of the six remaining thighs and froze the skin and bones together in a container, ready to be turned into Bones™, whenever I wanted.

Um, Bones™ are just Poultry Bones (it doesn't matter the variety, I like Duck Bones the best, though) that are cooked (and cooked and cooked) until the skin is as crisp as Pork Rinds. It's so good. Add Balsamic, Salt, and maybe a bit of Jelly and it's a world class delight.

Anyhow, back to the Chicken. The Bones frozen, I froze a zip lock bag full of Thigh Meat. And put the other half of the Chicken Thigh Meat into a pot, along with the aforementioned juices: the leftover juice after cooking 2lb of Beef and 7.5lb of Chicken. Then, I added the beans and the Spices as listed in increasing order. Thus, I added less Red Pepper Flakes than anything else and more Salt than the remainder.

And, walla!

Chicken Chili!

I'll eat it with a leftover piece of Pita Bread and Sour Cream.

The next day, I added the dregs of a bottle of ketchup, barbecue sauce, and a jar of mustard by rinsing out whatever remained with water... mainly, because I wanted to clean out the refrigerator (you know, as much as anything else). But it mostly certainly improved the taste.

February, 2020

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