Sweet Potato Soup

2 Frozen Sweet Potatoes
2 Cups (or so) Broth
1 Cup Water

I would have forgone the Water, but I had forgotten about the Broth and added the Water first. The only reason I ever did remember the Broth is that I was going to rinse out my Hot Chocolate Pot with Milk (made daily from scratch; the recipe, being milk and chocolate, is too basic for a write-up all on its own) and knowing I would likely forget about the Broth, I had put it in front of the Milk. So, reminders work sometimes.

I've thawed the Sweet Potatoes (for the most part) in the boiling liquid (Water & Broth) and will let them cool off prior to slicing (for they come complete with skins) and mushing the lot together. At which point, I'll need to think about how to Spice this sucker.

Well, so much for slicing. They were thawed enough that they sort of broke apart with a fork. There will be big pieces of skin, which is not as I conceived this dish. But I'd rather have big pieces of skin than clean a blender. So, there you are.

After Salt & Pepper it was still missing something, so I added a bit of Curry Powder. It's not bad... not awful. But nothing to write home about. I will be tricking out the next cup differently.

I added a pinch of extra Salt to the next cup and that probably worked as well as anything.

I added a few shakes of Ginger, a turn or two of Pepper, some Salt, a sprinkling of Green Onions, and a rather large dollop of Sour Cream to the last helping. And I must say (yes, upon reflection, indeed I must) that the concoction is quite delightful and every bit as tasty as something I would get in a fancy restaurant for $8-, add a slice of foi gras for $6-.

January, 2020

Brett Food

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