Rib Roast

It's not Prime Rib. But I am treating it as such.

The cut was on sale for the Holidays... and I don't know what the upcoming sales will be like. So, I bought more than I needed.

I cut my two boned piece in half (so, this is Rib Roast, Bone In), cooking the small half now, freezing the larger half for later.

45min at 425°
30min with the oven off

The grease started to pop and spurt, so I turned the heat off. Hopefully, it'll be cooked enough when the timer runs out. And if not, I'll merely cut along the edges (and eat that first). All that spurting grease means something is cooking.

Oh, that is a nice cut of meat. I don't know about the center. But that edge strip is divine.

I ate the meat as a meal unto itself.

Um, I may be getting too old to eat greasy meat as a meal unto itself.

If not the first day, the second day certainly did me in.

For the second hunk, I let it thaw (from frozen) for most of the day, which may not have been enough time. But truthfully, I'm not going to check. Instead, I fashioned a bit of an aluminum foil tent to prevent too much splattering. And I am putting the slab in the oven for 1 Hour at 425°. I Salted and Peppered the meat earlier, so as long as it doesn't burn (or burn too terribly badly), we should be good. Oh, and I also added a ½ Cup of Water to moisten it a bit under the tent.

Eh, if it starts making a lot of noise, smokes, or smells of burnt meat, I might change my plan. But for now, the intent is an hour flat, without checking. The alarm has been set.

That all worked out pretty well. The first meal was eaten around the edges. But it looks pretty-well-cooked all the way through. As we speak (well, as I write, I expect you will be reading this well after the fact), the remains (bones, a solid meal, maybe more) are warming up on the counter, so when I put it in the over (at 425° for 30 additional minutes), the inside will already be mostly ready (i.e. up to room temperature).

Truthfully, I don't see how it won't be delightful. With the Aluminum Foil Tent, the previous cooking time and temperature was spot on.

In a final meal, the bone was a joy to gnaw on. Yes, true. It can be a bit of an effort to get that last bit of meat. But I feel that is part of the fun.

December, 2019

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