Round Roast

Round Roast was on sale, so I bought a 7.5lb chunk and cooked it off-and-on at varying degrees between 200° and 350° for around three days (just the days, not the nights, I put it in the refrigerator at night) with more time spent at the lower temperatures than the higher ones.

This stuff is going to go fast... or at least, it's going to be transformed into only a handful of dishes.

It was the usual Nacho drill: chips in pie plates, loaded with cheese, and maybe a quarter of the meat (all shredded up), heated in the oven and then topped with Scallions, Salsa, and Sour Cream.


Spaghetti Soup
I took half the meat and shredded it. Added all the drippings... plus a can of Spaghetti Sauce. And this made a very runny soup (or a sauce) to which which I added noodles, bread, and whatever else seemed like it would make good eating.

In many ways, a repeat of the previous: Semi-Frozen Meat sliced thin against the grain and broiled (well, baked, actually) over Cheese and Chips, topped with Salsa and Sour Cream.

I then made Nachos, again... or that is to say, someone else (very near and dear to my heart) made Nachos, again... typically better than I make them.

While the last bits of Meat were sliced thin to be used in more Nachos, a BBQ Steak Sandwich, or something else... maybe a stew.

We shall see...

Random Stew
Well, a few hours after I wrote the preceding, I was looking for something to eat and I decided to make that stew.

I started with some leftover Bacon Fat (all of the ingredients in this stew are leftovers), using it to Fry some frozen Onions (already chopped) and the last baggie of Chopped Roast. I didn't really fry this up as much as I would have liked. But after letting it sit (with the heat turned off) for hours, I am now hungry. So, I added a load of water, a baggie of Roasted Root Vegetables, and a few leftover Bread Crumbs that your more ordinary correspondent would (more than likely) have thrown out. Finally, I added a frozen Sweet Potato, which will thicken the lot up. I'll likely season with a touch of Salt and Pepper... and a dollop of Sour Cream, but we'll see.

It's pure glop.

But then, the Roast is now completely used up. And this write-up is most definitely over.


I lie.

The Roast Vegetables contained Raisins. If any one thing made that Random Stew special, it was those Raisins... giving the glop a bit of sweetness and my mouth a very real desire to take that next bite.

It was a good... fitting finish.

December, 2019

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