Hot Dogs

I am going to guess there are 5 packages of Hot Dogs in the freezer. Now, I like Hot Dogs well enough. But that's a bit of a backlog. And it is time to use those Dogs up.

This is a pretty basic Chili recipe that I have been using for a few months: Meat, Black Beans, and Corn in more or less equal proportions. But the exact ratio really doesn't matter (not in the least). And then, I kicked it up with Cumin (Ten shakes), Red Pepper (Five Shakes), Black Pepper (Five Grinds), and a Pinch of Salt... with the Seasoning being highly variable and by eye.

I will spike the finished product with Sour Cream and Salsa... and maybe, add a few Chips.

Now, that is some tasty stuff. Unfortunately, while preparing the leftovers for the next day, I was sipping some of the extra juice off the top and made a colossal mess. It's amazing how far some things can splatter. It's quite the mess.

Anyway, what's done is done.

And what has been done is moving the leftovers into a much larger bowl. I will blame the mishap on the size of the bowl. And I have sprinkled a fair bit of Gouda Cheese (that has been sitting in the Freezer for far too long) over the top of it all .

Isn't it amazing how often these write-ups seem to coincide with an overstuffed freezer?

Pea Soup
There is (and continues to be, even after this dish) a backlog of Peas in the freezer. So in a Pot of Water, I added a Bag of Peas, Two Hunks of Parmesan Cheese, a Bag of Chopped Onions, Dregs of Chicken Stock, and when I get around to it, upwards of Six Hot Dogs, which is why this dish is included on this page.

Prior to eating, I also added a bit of Pepper and an odd Pad of Butter that had gotten frozen for one reason or another.

The Hot Dogs turned out a bit rubbery. I don't know exactly why. But I am blaming the Parmesan. Otherwise, it tastes pretty fantastic... well, maybe not fantastic, but it does taste much better than Peas do by themselves, I'll tell you that.

A solid two weeks later and I have not made another Hot Dog Dish. But I have started several other Quickie entries. And more importantly, I've cooked a Beef Roast, am thinking about starting on a Pork Roast, the freezer is full of better stuff, and new stuff for the Holidays (Duck, which will not be prepared by me) is literally just around the corner.

Thus, I am wrapping up this page (herewith), expecting to start another Hot Dog page before long when the pickings get just a tad bit slimmer around here.

December, 2019

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