Beef Round Boil

3⅓ pounds of Beef Round boiled forever... or at least, that's the plan. It's early evening Sunday and I do not plan on eating this until Monday (maybe Tuesday) at the earliest.

So, with the Beef in a pot, covered with Water, I added a bit of Salt, Black Pepper, and Red Pepper, and let it simmer away... and away... and away.

As I was adding the Salt & Pepper, I decided to spice this hard with Cumin. So, I put 1½ teaspoons of Cumin in the Water, as well. Originally, I was planning on drinking the Broth as a Soup. But by adding all that Cumin, I may have just locked-in turning it into a Gravy or a Reduction Sauce, instead.

I froze the lot, because it will be a full day or longer until I get to this again. With a bit of salt, the one cup of broth that I had was nice, smooth, and not at all overpowering, just straightforward... an honest broth.

I do know I want to make some kind of dry dish with the majority of the meat. Maybe, I'll fry it up in bacon fat. That worked well last time. So, crispy meat and vegetables (succotash like) in a mix is what I am envisioning at the moment.

One Cup each of Beef (shredded and sliced), Frozen Corn, Frozen Spinach, with more Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper, and Cumin added, topped with a dollop of Yogurt, because there is no Sour Cream to be found.

This was good. It's been a long time since I've cooked with any significant level of Cumin.

I made the same thing, again. I'm calling it Dry Beef. But it's still pretty moist. One thing I will note: I found the Meat easier to slice this time, as it was half thawed.

I am rotating this this Meat in and out of the freezer a lot, putting it through a whole bunch of Freeze-Thaw Cycles.

The next dish was Nachos. There was not much special about this dish. Though, I did use a lot of Meat. And before adding the Meat to the nachos, I chopped it fine and added more Cumin, Red Pepper, and Salt.

The last dish I made with the Shredded Beef (as I do not believe there is any left) was a bit of gunk. I'm not enthralled with it. It's just another stew composed of Black Beans, Frozen Corn, Frozen Chopped Spinach, and ever more Salt, Cumin, and Red Pepper. It's not as bad as I am making out. But I am not looking forward to the leftovers.

I will have to make more meat soon. There are only a few slices of Pork left. And beyond that, not much at all.

It turns out I was wrong. And there is more shredded Beef in the freezer. I made a dish similar to the last with it, less the Spinach.

October, 2019

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