Spaghetti Fish Stew

I'll freeze a few cups right here (more like five). And we'll see what happens to the rest after supper. After all, Shrimp might be added next. Certainly, Bread and Butter is on the way. Personally, I'm thinking about eating it with Sour Cream. But in the end, what I have going so far may be seriously lacking in heat.

Finally, this probably tasted the best back when it was concentrated, about when I added the Chimichurri Sauce.

Still, I have no doubt it will disappear. It's nearing five o'clock. And so far today, I've had two cups of Hot Chocolate and four Chicken Wings. I've got that hollow feeling in my belly. This stuff is going down.

I freezed a full Feast Meal (by which, I mean a super large portion) and two individual size packages.

Upon thawing the first single serving, I added two Hot Dogs and that made a mighty fine meal. The pepper has sort of expanded a bit; meaning, the dish seems a little over peppered, now. It's hitting that one note more than I would like. Still, it went down like a dream. Of course, I was hungry.

This got eaten up fast. A week later and all the frozen stuff is gone. So, it must have been good.

October, 2019

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