A thick slice of pork, more than an inch thick with a boatload of pickles and pool of sauce are the primary ingredients in this sandwich, because I don't fuss with the pork and reheat it in a saucer of water, the pork is plenty moist
Pork Sandwich
Canned Pork, sliced pork, red peppers, noodles, and Parmesian, some very easy and very tasty pasta
Spaghetti Sauce

Pork Loin

I, probably, won't even eat it today.

The next day, I froze half of it in two 2lb chunks. And I cut off a thick slice and made myself a Pork Sandwich with Barbecue Sauce and Pickles (lots of Pickles) on a Hamburger Bun.

I'll probably freeze another quarter chunk, tomorrow.

No, on the freezing.

But there were two more Pork Sandwiches made, same as before, one without a bun. I'm over my heavy carbohydrate avoidance phase. I like buns way too much... and fries, not that there were any in this meal. Though, there were Jalapeno Poppers... by others.

Another Pork Sandwich...

Pork Stew
The Stew has a mild flavour. But it might be enough just as it stands. The Pork was packed in Saline, so there's enough Salt... if a little light. The Spicing is very light and mild. But that just sort of lets the vegetables shine through. We'll see if I feel the need to jazz it up in the days to come. I think I'll call it four meals in the pot.

Spaghetti Sauce
I prefer Angel Hair Pasta. Typically, I cook it a little overdone; so, not al dente, but softer; yet, not mushy. I put Salt in the water and a splash of Olive Oil... or if the Sauce I am using is particularly greasy (this stuff was not), some of the oil skimmed from the top of the sauce.

I'll have to make more of this. I miss Spaghetti. And now that I know how to spell it, I'm more apt to make it... or hopefully, will make it, before I forget how to spell it, again.

Another Pork Sandwich
Pork, Bun, BBQ Sauce, and Pickles. I get my Pickles at the Foreign Food European Market. They are simply not the same as Domestic Pickles. They are way better: full of flavour with little to no sugar added.

Lately, I've been finding it more fun to include all the sub-dishes I make out of the same hunk of meat on the same page. But this is where this write-up will end.

I've still got two sandwich size hunks left, which I am sure will (indeed) be turned into sandwiches. Those are good. And then, there is another hunk that is maybe three times as large, which is calling out to be turned into a pot of spaghetti sauce or the like.

But that's for another day... and if I am in the mood, another page.

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