Chicken Thighs frying up in some nice golden delicious bacon fat
As Fried
The very same fried chicken, nice and brown served with homemade dressing, salad, blueberries, and red pepper
As Served

Bacon Fried Chicken

I pre-melted the Bacon Grease, so it would be liquid, but not too hot. Then, I rinsed the thighs and sort of sloshed them around in the grease, covering both sides.

Skin up, I turned the heat onto medium and proceeded to fry... with a cover to prevent the grease from splattering, but of course.

8 min Med -> 4 min Med -> 2 min High -> 1 min High -> 1 min High -> FLIP -> 4 min Med -> 4 min High

The skin was nice and crisp (on both sides). And upon slicing into the two big pieces, they were clearly cooked. This being the first time I poked at the thighs, they were nice and juicy, leaking all sorts of juice.

To make some K-A! (I'll let you figure out what that stands for) Dressing, another (a dear sweet other) mixed a few ingredients together in more-or-less the following proportions.
And then, magically (this always seems to be quite magical and I am unable to put my finger on the exact cause; I think maybe my house is infested by one of those Mythical Elven Lasses of Old) a nice salad appeared, to accompany the chicken, which consisted of blueberries, greens, red peppers, and shallots.

The meal was inspiring. So, please, feel inspired. And I am sure it is something we (me and MELO, which stands for My Love or Mythical Elven Lass of Old) are sure to do again... soon.

There were no leftovers.

Oh, and need I mention? Dessert was dual slices of Raisin Toast, slathered in butter, with a pinch of salt, and a generous helping of those Apricot Preserves, all tastefully cut into fourths by MELO... I can only dare to presume.

August, 2019

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