A medly of food.  It is kind of colorful.  I like the real pieces of sardines that shine through here and there.  Ingredients listed below.

Imitation Fish Stew

By the time this was ready to eat, the water had been absorbed by the potatoes. So, it was a nice thick mush.

It's not as bad as it looks. Salt helps, a lot. A squeeze of lime helped even more. Very tasty and filling in the end. So, my mouth grew used to it. And like I said, adding salt and lime helped a whole heck of a lot.

Finally, to store overnight, I transferred the remains to a smaller pot and floated a layer of water, lime juice, and soy sauce over the lot, as a sort of preservative, you know, just to be all fancy.

And then, I added yet another lime to it all the next day. Lime and salt were what this dish needed... and some other spice, which I cannot put my finger on... and as such, never added.

So, it's tasty enough, but not grand. Filling, but not fantastic. But edible enough I'm eating multiple bowls at once.

Oh, this stuff ages well.

The next day, I just gulped this stuff down.

Well, it helps if you are hungry.

August, 2019

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