Ginger Lime Catfish


Ginger Lime Poached Basa in Butter Sauce

I am told Basa is a type of Catfish. I started with a glass baking dish (bread loaf size), tossed the Butter in the bottom, added some Water, tossed in the frozen Ginger slices, put the Fillet on top (breaking the frozen fish as needed to fit it into the dish), and cooked the lot for an hour at 350°.

At which point, I poured the Succotash over the top and put it back in for another half hour, turning off the heat after fifteen minutes.

Once cooked, I squeezed the lime over the top and proceeded to gorge myself. It was good stuff.

My only real complaint is that my silver spoon was discoloured slightly from the acidity of the lime. Of course, I knew that might be a problem, which is why I did not use the good silver.

I made the same dish (or a similar dish) again with a Half Stick Cream Cheese and an equal amount of Frozen Mystery Cheese (most likely Parmesan). Let's see how it turns out.

The fish was light and fluffy (and not at all fishy). The Cream Cheese was very much akin to a Heavy Butter or Mayonnaise Sauce. While the Parmesan (as delightful as it was) was best eaten separately. After all, I'd put so much on, it was almost like eating an All Cheese Patty. I'd happily do something like this over pasta and can finally see the appeal of Eggplant Parmesan.

July, 2019

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