Lamb Stew with lamb, hotdogs, stew, and quinoa, a delightful concoction of glop... actually, that was the first planned picture, I took his photograph later, after the hotdogs were eaten, and a steak was made to accompany the curry, with parsely on top
Lamb Curry & Steak

Lamb Curry

This is the final dish from the Leg of Lamb. The goal is to run down the freezer... quite a bit. After close to a month with that as the goal, it is still half full. Of course, hot dogs were on sale the other day, so five packages of the finest went into cold storage. Meaning, the freezer will never get empty. But hopefully, some of the really old stuff will get used up.

Curry: 1 cup of Restaurant Leftovers.

Ginger: ¼ cup of Frozen Root Slices, which are begging to be thrown out or used up.

Coconut Milk: 1 can of the weak stuff, probably half strength, because... sorry, I have no excuse. I can only hang my head in shame.

Yellow Curry Powder: some random spice mix. It said to try a teaspoon in my favourite dish, so I used two.

Lemon Grass Puree: a half teaspoon or so. This stuff needs to be used up, soon. In the meantime, back into the freezer it goes.

Lime Juice: I like to wash the outside, first; then slice in half; and finally, core the lime with my fingers over the pan... all of which assumes there are no seeds, which there were not.

Fish Sauce: ten shakes of the bottle over ten seconds, whatever that means... quite a fair bit, I guess that's what it means.

Soy Sauce: the same ten shakes out of a larger hole, so even more.

Lamb: one pound, previously cooked and frozen, the highlight of the dish. Well, the curry is the highlight. But the lamb is the star ingredient.

Hotdogs: two, because I wanted to extend the dish, slightly.

Vegetable Medley: a one pound package of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

I added all of the ingredients (in order, not that it matters) into a large pot, putting the heat on (to simmer) at about the time I added the Coconut Milk. I brought the lot to a boil prior to adding the meat and vegetables. At which point, I turned off the burner and put the pot in the refrigerator to resume cooking later. All the frozen stuff brought down the heat pretty quickly, which is pretty much the only reason I added them now, rather than later.

By taste, it is a bit over citrusy, so I'd maybe use a half lime next time... or not. It doesn't really matter. Others have no preconceived expectation of the dish. And so, a little bit more (or less) of this (or that) can hardly matter.

I think it will be good.

Oh, it was wonderful. Some Quinoa magically appeared. And it worked well, just like rice would have. The Quinoa tasted like a small-grained rice.

If I remember, the last helping or two, which should grow a little spicier in the meantime, will be eaten with Raisins and Parsley.

It turns out that along with the Raisins and Parsley, some steak appeared. And thus, the curry became a side dish (as pictured above).

This was good stuff.

June, 2019

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