Bacon Grease: to line the pot

Pork Chop: one random leftover hunk of raw meat

Two Hot Dogs: so, now I have the same number of Hot Dogs as Buns

Two Cups Water: keeping in mind that I use actual cups (as in small drinking glasses) to measure my water

Tomato Paste: half can, frozen

Green Onion: just the one, mainly because, um... it's there

Black Beans: not pinto, not kidney, but black, a large can, juice and all, it is the definitive ingredient in Chili

Chinese Mustard: one heaping teaspoon, as in the type of spoon one uses to stir tea... I should have used the open jar (rather than opening a new one by accident), but what is done is done

Pickle Juice: ⅛ cup, I get my Pickles from the European Store, they're dirt cheap... and way better than the Crap American Made Favourites, it hardly matters the brand

I cooked the Pork Chop on low, while I raided the freezer (and refrigerator) for other ingredients (as listed). Then, turning up the heat, I browned the Bacon Fat and flipped the Pork Chop, quickly adding the Hot Dog and Water... soon followed by the Tomato Paste. Finally, I added the remaining ingredients as I found and/or prepared them... in the order listed, not that it makes any difference.

The first serving is being accompanied by a Biscuit (frozen, old). And I will Salt & Pepper to taste, as I go.

I found this dish to be scrumptious, but it's really just that I like Mustard.

For the second serving, I added a quarter rack of ribs that I had lying around. I must admit, it is nice having all these leftovers lying around. And all things considered, this was a pretty darn good way to eat ribs. It's mostly beans, but tasty beans, at that.

Also, I had a few more biscuits. The bean dip (and that is what this chili has turned out to be: beans with hunks of meat added) really lets the butter in the biscuits shine.

And with that, we have a wrap.

Sorry, one more note, as this appears to be the dish that never dies. Rather than eating the last little bit and be done with it, I added one of those frozen packets of Sloppy Joes (from the Pork Shoulder write-up) and a can of corn, which even after the meal I just ate, gives me at least one more serving of this concoction... ever more miss-labelled as Chili.

June, 2019

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