Peppered Porterhouse

It looked like a T-Bone, but the package said it was Choice Porterhouse. So, who are you going to believe? The stuff was on sale, so I bought a bunch and have two more steaks in the freezer. I don't know if I will bother to write them up.

2lb Porterhouse
lots of Salt
lots of Pepper
very little Red Pepper

After rinsing off the steak and blotting it dry, I loaded it up with a bunch of Salt & Pepper and a light dusting of Red Pepper flakes (maybe thirty flakes total, fifteen to a side).

Then, I let it sit around for a while. Not that this step makes the slightest bit of difference. As when I cooked the sucker on high for maybe six minutes, it was a bit raw in the center. But the edges were divine.

So, you know how that goes. I only ate the edges. And as of this writing, the center remains.

Oh, one final note, I ate the first serving with a heavy-cheese creamed spinach dish that was hiding in the back of the freezer. It was very good. I could have used a bit of bread, as well. But there was none to be found.

Poor Me!

I'm Steak Rich!
And Bread Poor!

Steak Fajitas
On medium to high heat, I added the Bacon Fat, Onion, Red Pepper, and finally Meat in the order listed and as I sliced it. Only the Onions were cooked much. The Peppers just heated. And the Steak, slightly warmed... cooking it just a tad bit more.

I just inhaled this dish.

It was good.

I enjoy these sequentially cooked meals (using up the base meat in several different dishes). I will have to give some thought as to how I wish to trick out the bone.

1 tsp Plum Jelly
½ tsp Balsamic
1 tsp Water

After pressing more salt into the meat, I mixed the above together (or in truth, I shook it all about in the Jelly Jar, as it was pretty empty) and covered the Steak as best I could. I fried on high for 2 minutes a side, coming pretty close to turning it black. And ate off the bone.

Historically, I've had a hard time getting the meat next to the bone cooked, so I should try something different next time. Maybe, braze the bone. Who knows? But then, that is next time.

June, 2019

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