A nice triangular hunk of lamb on a white plate background, a very nice photograph, if I do say so myself, as the white edge of the image blends in with the white of the page, the lamb is served with a touch of plum jelly preserves for an extra bit of flavour
Roast Lamb with Plum Preserves

Leg of Lamb

Just The Basics
At 10lbs, I expect multiple meals out of this.

I left it in for 8 hours at 250°, covered in tin foil. I had no problem with any of it burning. The meat was plenty moist... especially after dipping the slices into the juice prior to serving. But it was not as tender as I would have liked it to be. In truth, I was hoping to be able to hand shred the meat. And that was not the case.

Lamb Supper
Cream Spinach
Garlic Sauce

Lamb Curry
Since I did not make this, it was pretty easy... just glop onto a plate and eat.

Lamb Straight Up
A few slices did the trick. In short, I was too lazy to make a sandwich.

The meat is not as fall-off-the-bone tender as I would like it to be. So, I am putting the lot (fully wrapped in tinfoil) back in the oven at 175°, sitting in a pool of water. It will either become as dry as all get out... or become nice and tender. We shall see which. More than half of the meat is off the bone at this point.

Turns out, I bumped the heat up to 275° (for the last little bit), before turning the oven off and going about my life. I went to the library if you must know. Upon returning, I pulled the meat apart. But it was still too tough for my liking, except for the portion sitting in the water, which was nice and tender.

I froze a nice hunk of meat, which will likely get eaten as straight lamb down the way. While the bone and juice will get frozen tonight (after skimming off and throwing away the excess fat, of which I think there will be a good quarter inch, if not more, resting on the surface, all the way around) for a stew in a few days.

But in the meantime:

Lamb Quesadilla
This was another dish I had no part in the making, which consisted of cumin spiced lamb with onion and cheese fried in a flour tortilla with cumin spiced sour cream, green onion, sliced cherry tomatoes, and lettuce on the side. It was quite tasty (and filling to eat) with plenty more waiting in the freezer as leftovers.
{Note to Other (you know who you are): Any one spice should only be present in a single dish in any one meal, so it's Cumin Lamb or Cumin Sour Cream (and not both), in the future.}

Lamb Stew
I forgot to write-up the Lamb Stew (at the time, it's a good month later), so I don't remember that much about it. Also, I didn't have that much to do with it's creation, so I could hardly duplicate it. It had Mushrooms, Carrots, and Potatoes in it and likely some Onion. It was plenty Hot & Spicy, maybe a tad too Hot & Spicy, but not overpoweringly so. And in truth (and in the end), the spicing wasn't a problem, as I ate the curry with Bagels. And Bagels need something strong and full of flavour to cut their blandness. Though (just by-the-by), I did find these particular bagels to be surprisingly sweet. Finally (as in one final remark, here), the last bowl or two of the stew was extended by the additional of Frozen Spinach.

So, viola!

Leg of Lamb!

I wonder what overly-large and expensive cut of meat I will try next.
{It was (is) 5-6 lbs of T-Bones (or Porterhouse, like I know the difference), if you must know. Must you?}

April, 2019

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