pulled pork, no bun, with a side of corn and a heavy ranch dressing salad
Pork & Corn
The same pulled pork with a side of slaw under slightly different lighting conditions
Pork & Slaw

Roast Pork

It's odd how sometimes I know I am going to write something up before I even get started... and at others times, I do not; the decision comes later.

I had already cooked the pork shoulder (a highly unremarkable task). And it was only as I was preparing the pulled pork that it seemed like I had something worth writing about... or you know, maybe the whole concept of writing about cooking had sort of slipped my mind, so I was just keeping on keeping on. cooking as I do. And only later did I remember, 'Hey! Sometimes I write these dishes up!'

10 pounds Pork Shoulder

I got the cheap pre-brined kind, which I assume they do to both increase the sales weight; but also, as a preservative. I trust those factory sealed hunks of meat more than the locally portioned pieces... even if the custom-cut pieces taste better (not having any pre-injected saline, don't you know).

I spent a day cooking the pork... off and on, varying the temperature between 350°, 250°, and off (when I left for a few hours). And then, chilled the meat overnight in the refrigerator.

Oh, I suppose I should mention that I had thought about boiling the meat at first. But I didn't want to use the extra-large pot. And a hunk this size did not fit in the regular pot: the one I typically use for these recipes. Thus, I broiled it, adding water to the bottom of the baking dish.

The surface got pretty crusty. And I had wondered if I had ruined the meat, drying it out. But I had not.

Pulled Pork
2 pounds Pork... pulled apart by hand

2 cups (roughly) pork juice... poured over the top

¼ bottle BBQ Sauce
⅛ bottle Water

¼ cup splash of Pickle Juice

All of the above was placed in a saucepan (so, not a pot) and brought to boil. And that's it.

Served with:
And it was as good as anything, anywhere.

Salsa Style

Pulled Pork Take II
Also, this dish needed a little salt (as did, maybe, most of the previous dishes on this page), so salt to taste.

And Dessert was noteworthy enough to mention: equal parts Chocolate and Canned Cherries with a half portion of Salted Pecans, melting the chocolate in a saucepan, mixing in the remainder, and serving... best straight out of the pan.

That last Pulled Pork, Sloppy Joe, or whatever you want to call it was good enough that I added two more pounds of meat to it. And the remainder (a short pound... or a heavy pound if one wants to count the bone and fat) went back into the oven at 425° for half an hour after being liberally doused with Balsamic Vinegar and Salt.

It should be good.

The final dish I shall document (I have five servings of leftover Sloppy Joe) is a hunk of Roast Pork that I put in the oven for 45 minutes at 425° with a stripped piece of Skin (just the outside layer, most of the fat having been removed) blanketed over a goodly portion of the pork. I ate that sucker with a few spoonfuls of Strawberry Jam, Balsamic Vinegar, and plenty of Salt. It was good.

April, 2019

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