graham cracker crust, cream cheese frosting, jam, layered together to make a delightful snack, perfect for tea time
Something from Nothing

Plum Tart

1 cup Crumbled Graham Crackers
½ Stick Butter
3 Heavy Pinches Salt

The first step was pre-buttering a glass baking dish of the smallish size: like 4"x10". Then, I mixed the remaining butter with the Graham Crackers, pressed this mixture into the bottom of the pre-buttered dish, using a spoon for added leverage to get the crust nice and firm. And finally, I sprinkled the top of this layer with salt.

I then (as they do in all of your better recipes) set the dish aside.

½ Package Cream Cheese
½ Cup Sugar

Having found a half package of cream cheese in the refrigerator (got to thank those Elves or whoever is responsible), I mixed in an equal amount of sugar. It would have been easier to spread it out over the Graham Cracker crust had I flattened the frosting like mixture out further, but I did not. The Graham Crackers (on the other hand and as covered previously) were added to the dish in crumbles; and then, pressed into place.

⅛ Cup Sweet Plum Jam
⅛ Cup Water

I mixed the jam in the jar, added a bunch (or a ⅛ Cup) of water to make the jam thinner, shook it about and poured it over the cream cheese.


I put this in the oven for something along the lines of 45 minutes at 350°. But as I am saying this prior to checking or taking it out of the oven, It really is anybody's guess. When I thought about making this earlier, I figured ten minutes. So, you know what? I'm going to set the timer for 15 minutes (after this has already been in the oven for something like ten minutes, but I don't know as I forgot to set the timer earlier) and I'll see how it looks then.

These are sure to fall apart at the first eating. But if anything is left, I'm hoping they'll set up nicely overnight.

45-60min at 350° in the end.

The cream cheese filling is not quite as I had anticipated, but these are as good as anything (similar) to be had from a bakery.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with these.

March, 2019

Brett Food

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