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The Good Stuff

Apricot Stuffing

I added the Apricots and Raisins to the Water and brought to a simmering boil, while adding the spices.

The Sumac provides a light lemony (or perhaps more accurately, a nice citrus) flavour. If money were no object, I'd like to spend the $5 and dump an ounce or two into the pot and see what it tastes like. It is a mellow sort of spice.

I'll keep this simmering (off-and-on) for the next few hours. And in the final heating prior to serving, I'll add the Bagel. Too much Bagel and this will be dry. Not enough and it will turn out gooey. If it looks too runny, I'd add a slice of bread or something.

As much as anything, this dish was crafted to amuse my creative instincts, give me something to write about, and use up some of the apricots and (unnecessary large number of) bagels lying around.

Later, I added a tad more water prior to mixing in the bagels. And let me just say, this was fantastic.

There are a bunch of bagels lying around (have I mentioned this) getting in the way (and filling up the freezer). Well, some are going to get used making more of this stuff... or you know, something similar. It's darn tasty.

March, 2019

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