Failed Carrot Lentil Soup

1 cup Dried Lentils
1 cup Rice (need I say dried or is that obvious)
10 cups Water (bringing the pot half full)

I brought the lot to a boil and took a walk to enjoy the snow.

'Brrr! It's cold!'

Oh, right. I turned off the stove prior to leaving the house, as I can only assume Fire Chiefs around the world unanimously recommend.

Once back, I added:

5 Carrots (count them, the reason I am making this giant pot of glop is to use up these five carrots)
1 Onion (large cut, as I'm expecting to puree the lot)

Then, once again, I brought the lot to a boil, let it simmer a bit, prior to putting it in the refrigerator overnight. Now, some folks don't refrigerate their soups. But then, if I know that, I don't eat their soups.

Next day...

Well, I did absolutely nothing, as I fell deathly ill, not eating for two or three days and doing little else but sleep, watch the world spin, and try to sip enough water to maintain hydration: a quest at which I failed miserably.

So, a day or two after that, I threw the lot out.

Some learning did, however, take place. (Let's see how well I implement the insight long term.) I realized that I should have simply cooked the carrots and made a cup or two of soup out of those rather than a whole pot of glop... or you know, do what I had set out to do in the first place (and make carrot soup) rather than going astray.

January, 2019

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