I mean, you could use hamburger or carne asada, but steak is better, do not kid yourseld, steak is better, and filet mignon is even better than this, in fact, if I ever hit it rich or simply wish to indulge, I am going to get an entire filet, slice it up, and make bacon cheeseburgers out of it, but until then, this is the type of dish that is hard to beat

Steak Nachos

Thanksgiving was steak. And a month later, it's time for the leftovers, you know, the meal that was originally planned to be eaten the next day.

Nacho Chips - to line dish

Jack Cheese - 12oz, slightly mouldy, scraped clean, and hand shredded

Steak - call it a pound, diced, with two large hunks of fat left whole as a bonus chew toys

Corn - a quarter cup, frozen, that special touch

Salsa - to taste, wouldn't be nachos without it

Sour Cream - a few dollops, more than enough

Nachos are easy. I simply placed the ingredients in a clear glass dish (maybe not the best choice) and piled them (neatly) one atop the other in the order listed (everything but the salsa and sour cream, which was added later), and heated at 450° for 15 minutes (including oven warm up time), took out, added the remaining ingredients (the salsa and sour cream, if you'll be so kind as to remember) and served with chilled lime water (no sugar added).


Oh, also, the steak got salted.

And there you are!

Chips fit for a king... meaning, me.


December, 2018

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