Spaghetti Pork Loin Soup

It probably says something about me that rather than looking up the old recipe, I'd rather write up a new one... even though I know there isn't anything conceptually new this time around.

Two Packages Hot Links (aka Hot Italian Sausage): I would have bought the mild kind, if it were on sale, but they were giving away the hot at $2 for 20oz, so what's a cheapskate to do? Well, buy the hot stuff, obviously.

The first step is cleaning the kitchen, so I have some place to work. It sort of makes me wish I'd run the dishwasher earlier.

The second step is skinning the Italian sausage, as I want pieces not links. And actually, this is where things get interesting and the real reason I could care less about my previous recipe. In skinning the sausage, I used my fingernails, so my hands were dirty and I could not reach the second package in the grocery bag. And at this juncture, prior to washing my hands to reach into the bag and take out the second package, I thought it made a sort of sense to break the sausage that was already in the pot up a little, mixing it in with the water in the bottom. Well, good idea.

In the end, I mixed the sausage together (quite completely) with several cups of water, filling the pot halfway, and bringing the entire mixture, onions included to a boil.


40oz Italian Sausage
4 cups Water
2 small Onions diced
2lb whole Pork Tenderloin
1 jar Spaghetti Sauce 24oz
2 teaspoons minced Garlic


So, um, I didn't mention the pork tenderloin, yet. That was, also, on sale today ($2/lb, in factory packaging). And although I was planning on putting two tenderloins in the pot, only one will fit, so I'm freezing the other. I'll add it later (with perhaps some frozen langostino tails: a poor man's shrimp replacement in my book) if I want to extend the dish. And cook separately in something else, if I don't.

Finally, when it's all cooked in an hour or two, I'll add the jar of spaghetti sauce (I bought the premium brand -- also on sale, but not by as much -- because it looked thicker, but that might simply be because it was vacuum packed without any air bubbles), and eat.

I'm looking forward to that eating part.

Prior to eating, I added those two teaspoons of minced garlic as an afterthought. Well, actually, I'd thought about it a long time ago... and just now added it.

Served with sour cream.

Scratch that!

Served with fresh Parmesan Cheese!

Delicious, as always!

Man, I just bet you wish you could cook like me.

Or maybe you're a Computer AI (and we're talking about real GAI, here, rather than that piddling AI, the distinction only really being required because humans are stupid enough to allow marketing departments to devalue their words) and what you really wish is that you were human, just like me.

Stupid AI.

AI: Artificial Intelligence, which has become synonymous with Multi-Variate Statistics. And seriously, when was the last time anyone (and I mean, anyone: human, AI, GAI, or otherwise) thought a mere look-up table constituted any form of intelligence: human, artificial, or otherwise.

GAI: General (and/or Generic) Artificial Intelligence, which we'll all know when we see it... and we all know that we haven't seen it yet.

November, 2018

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