Braised Chicken Mango prior to going into oven, frozen mango chunks over diced potatoe
The Raw Version

Braised Chicken Mango

3 lbs skinless chicken thighs
2 lb multi colored carrots
3 onions (med-small)
12 red potatoes (med-small)
1 lb frozen mango chunks
1.5 cup water

I would have preferred the chicken to have skin. If it did, I would have put the chicken on the top. But as the chicken was naked and unseemly, I gave them a brushing of olive oil and put them in the bottom of a glass bottom dish, which was, also, lightly greased with olive oil.

I sliced the carrots and placed them on top of the chicken in a nice, even, carefully measured layer. Oddly, the white carrots smelled like parsnips to me.

In turn, I chopped (and layered) the onions and red potatoes, made a little divot in the top for the mangos, and added the water (by sight, as much as anything else).

Then, it's into the oven for as long as possible at 350°. But I'm hoping for two hours or so.

After two hours, there are bits of black, but that was fine. Others liked it better than I. So, good. A crowd pleaser.

For leftovers (and there are tons of leftovers), I scooped it into a pot, added a box of chicken broth (32oz, so a quart), warmed it a little, and blended it with a hand blender (until it looks going in, like it'll look coming out), before chopping up the chicken (which I put aside beforehand) and adding a few spices (salt with black and red pepper).

So, let's see how this tastes once it's warmed up all the way.

It tastes good, not great. It would have to be blended a lot smoother (all the way) for me to call it great. And then, I'd simply be slurping carrier (fruit slush) and spice. So, it's probably as tasty as can be expected given a total lack of desire to blend it any further on my part.

Anyhow, it's leftovers for the week. Seriously, this will last me one meal a day for at least a week... however long a week is. I mean, is that five days for the work-week or seven days for a complete cycle until we loop around all the way back again? Eh, I doubt it will last past the five day mark for me.

I like the crunchiness of the carrots. If I were to do again (and not concern myself with the additional labor), I would puree the potatoes with the broth into a creamy mash, add riced carrots, chunks of mango, and place a piece of fried chicken atop the bowl.

As it is, I may add raisins and curry before I am through.


It took me too long to find any yellow curry powder, so I gave up the search and used the rest of the red curry paste, instead (about 2 teaspoons in a half gallon of glop), while adding 1-2 more cups of water.

And then, in the final serving, I did add curry powder (¼ teaspoon) and raisins (1-2 tablespoons). And it was quite delightful.

September, 2018

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