Cherry Oatmeal Brownies

Since I looked at the two previous versions of this recipe as I made these particular brownies again (going back and forth between the two as I went), I thought a consolidated and updated ingredient list might be in order.

2 sticks butter
20 squares 72% chocolate (about 8oz)
2 cups brown sugar (the grainy kind)
3 eggs (the largest in the carton)
1 cup flour
2 cups cherries (in juice, lightly drained)
2.5 cups oatmeal
1-3 teaspoons salt

60 min at 350°

I melted the butter and chocolate, transferred to a bowl, and mixed in the sugar. Then, I let it sit for a bit to cool it off prior to mixing in the eggs, flour, cherries, and oatmeal... one ingredient at a time, mixing each in thoroughly... or semi-thoroughly. Next, I spread it into a heavily buttered glass baking dish, sprinkled salt over top, and baked.

September, 2018

Brett Food

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