Image of a leftover stew, hot dogs, pork, fajita mix, sour cream, peppers and onions, heated, served, and eaten straigh from the pot, very tasty, hit the spot
Leftovers by any other name...

Leftover Fajita Stew

See, I had some leftover Fajita meat, so I made a quick stew.

½ cup tasty leftovers (in this instance, sauteed chicken, onions, and red peppers)
¼ cup water (to give the pot some traction, during the reheating process)
2 hot dogs (of indeterminate age, time to clean out the freezer a little, clearly, it is)
1 slice pork (gads, I wonder if I should just toss this)


hot red pepper flakes (to taste)
sour cream (to taste)

This, of course, is an old family recipe...

Or more accurately, when my grandmother lived in a retirement center (old folks home, or whatever those places are called), she would save me her extra food, because... Waste Not! Want Not!

I got good at using bits of this and scraps of that.

Anyhow, last night I was digging through the freezer, decided to use up the hot dogs that had been in there forever, and this is the result.

Yeah, most of my 'Slop!' tastes the same. But then, since I'm the only one eating it, no one is really complaining.

The final verdict:

August, 2018

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