Frozen Hamburgers

Overall, I bought six packages of hamburgers, each package containing four half pound burgers, because, you know, it was on sale. I'll likely eat a hamburger a day (or every other day) for the next month.

Last night, I cooked a package (of three, refreezing the fourth raw) by placing them in a single layer in a glass dish and putting in the oven for an even hour at 350° (without bothering to preheat the oven). The one I ate (freezing the other two right away) was a little (just a little) overcooked, so next time it will be for 55 minutes.

So far, I've just eaten the burgers by themselves:
But as there are a good twenty patties to go, maybe I'll do something interesting with one or two of them before I am through.

And if not, well then self:

55 minutes at 350° (no warm up, no cool down) seems to work for those super-sized half pound burgers I've been getting.

Nope, it actually took an hour.

And then, the last one cooked individually in a small bowl came out nice enough after 55 minutes at 350° (from frozen).

So, the timing is still a work in progress.

Anyway, with the rest of the hamburgers (after I decided to keep track), I made:

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