raw brownie dought with oatmeal and frozen blueberries added, that white stuff is salt
Salted Raw
Cooked brownies with a nice crust, though it was raw on the inside, the salt disappears
Crispy Crust

Blueberry Brownies

This is the same recipe as the Cherry Almond Brownies... sort of:

2 sticks butter
20 squares (around 8oz) of Trader Joe's 72% Dark Chocolate (so, exactly half of one of their pound plus bars), which just so happens to be one of the best chocolates in the world and an amazing bargain... and seriously, just think of all the wonderful things I'd have to say about this particular retailer if they paid me, but they don't, so they suck... at everything except making chocolate... and probably some other stuff... too numerous to mention here.

I pre-melt the chocolate and butter together in a sauce pan. Um, so let me go do that.

2 cups premium un-believably expensive organic sugar (pity I can't read the label, darn these old blurry glasses, I need new ones, you know, but I simply cannot afford them)



Then I dumped that nasty (in a good sort of way) gooey stuff (the butter and chocolate) over the sugar and mixed it all together.

Seriously, this is skilled labor, my friends.

As I let the goop (a technical term for chocolate, butter, and sugar) cool down, I soaked the pot (in which I melted the butter and the chocolate) in soapy water, because I am no longer a thirteen year old boy and I clean as I go.

But the real question is (a sentence construction I never know how to punctuate) how many eggs to add?

3 eggs

And if you guessed three eggs, you are correct!

After mixing it up (but not shaking it all about), I added:

1 cup flour

And mixed it up again!

2 cups oatmeal (or was it 2.5 cups; seriously, even though I doubt you believe me, liar that I am, the truth is, I lost count, so it is one or the other; but one thing is for sure, I intended it to be 2 cups, to match)
2 cups frozen blueberries (perhaps, the secret ingredient; but since it's in the name, likely oatmeal is the real secret ingredient)

And here, I gave the batter one final mixing, but good!

Take that!

2-3 teaspoons of salt (liberally sprinkled over the top, which if we are going to be honest, is the real secret ingredient) after ladling into a pre-buttered baking dish.

Now, it's late at night. But I'm thinking a good hour at 350°; and then, maybe a bit more at a lower temperature. I don't want those blueberries to burn.

Also, I put these in just as I was taking out the Roast Chicken and Ribs. So, I was going to say how the oven was saturated with humidity, already. But I'm pretty sure I let all the steam out during the switch. So, I'm going to go add a cup of water to my overflow catch pan.

Actually, I'll have to watch the temperature on this. I really do not want to burn those blueberries.

In the end, I baked for:

45 minutes at 350°
15 minutes at 275°
45 minutes at 225°

Leaving the brownies to cool in the oven overnight.

But I probably should have checked the stuff (or at least, baked it differently), as it was completely raw come morning.

So, I buttered a new baking dish (shallower this time), mixed the crust back into the batter, poured the lot into that aforementioned newly buttered baking dish, salted the top (again), and baked for:

60 minutes at 350°

This was tasty. I have no complaints. But the blueberry flavor did not seep through, as I had desired. It may be due to the remixing of the batter (in preparation for the second bake). So, I'll likely try again, as the hints of blueberry flavor that I got were nice. But the blueberries turned more raisin like (in size, texture, and taste) than I would have preferred.

So, as with all things brownie related, I must try-try again!

July, 2018

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