this was quite tasty, easy, and fun, but one really cannot go wrong with store bought Italian Sausage, either way, in the pan, sausage, onions, sun dried tomatoes, nothing else
same as above, on a bun, with parmesan cheese, the cheese was a mistake

Italian Sausage Delight

I'm just going to wing it!

What could possibly go wrong?

Um, don't answer that.

I started by adding a pound plus package of frozen Italian Sausage to a pan with a bit of water and cooking it while it thawed, if you know what I mean. And if not, well, I added heat to meat. I hope that clarifies things (or if not, medium low heat and water while I was doing other things, like writing this very sentence; and high heat while scraping at the hunk of meat to break the ice cold chunk down into smaller sized mush).

1 onion (medium) chopped to medium sized (er, that is to say, random sized) pieces, because do you really care what size your onion hunks are?

Well, maybe you do, but I am making this for me and I don't, so there you (or should that be I) are (and/or am).

¼lb sun dried tomatoes (or whatever was left in the jar; so, yeah, exactly ¼lb) sliced thin.

Yep, with all that olive oil (added to the pork fat filled Italian Sausage from the sun dried tomatoes) this is starting to look pretty darn greasy.

Now, time to raid the refrigerator.

But nothing looked good (not even the pickle juice). So, that's wrap.

I will eat this ladled over a frozen hunk of French Bread (after I warm said hunk of frozen bread in the toaster oven), lacing with Parmesan Cheese that is well past its sell date, maybe spiking with red peppers if the dish doesn't already have enough kick.

And it was... Decadently Greasy!

The Parmesan was a mistake... or I used too much.

For the 'morrow, I added:

¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 small can of tomato sauce
½ can of water

And let it stew (in the refrigerator) in its own juices overnight.

And just the by, it turned out wonderfully the next day. Though, I ate the rest without any Parmesan... or putting on a bun.

July, 2018

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