Cooked ribs in a glass dish, seriously, the only thing easier than ribs is chicken and I am not even certain of that, it is heat and time, ovens may differ, check this, check that, get off my back and do your own homework as to cooking times
Cooked ribs, 250 degrees through and through for hours on end, with BBQ sauce and pickles, the pickles really add to the experience, I would throw more on there next time

Ribs Again

So, yeah. This is a repeat.

Don't ask me why I am including this repeated write-up for ribs, when I did not include the last repeat for Almond Cherry Brownies, which turned out every bit as good.

Well, the answer might be that I have pictures of the ribs... and the pickles really added something.

I put a frozen rack of ribs in a glass dish, added four cups of water, placed in the oven, set the dial for 250°, and came back five (or so) hours later, added barbecue sauce, a deuce of pickles, and viola!

Dinner for two for two days!

June, 2018

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