Tom Kha Gha, this really was not as great as it has been, but then, for the great stuff, I have used a mix, it went fast, shrimp in a hot sour coconut curry broth, complete with red pepper flakes and lemon

Coconut (Shrimp) Curry

1 can coconut milk
½ teaspoon roasted red pepper paste (i.e. red curry paste)
5 dribs of soy sauce
5 drips of fish sauce (note, this means a lot less fish sauce)
½ lemon (the juice from)

I brought the lot to a boil, as I whisked it; and then, after tasting, added:

½ lemon (so, the other half; pulp is fine by me)
2 drips fish sauce (just a tad more)
¼ teaspoon red curry (it is easy to overdo; and the spiciness increases over time)

But in the end, it is all to taste.

I will note, it took me a long time (like a long time) to appreciate how important lemon is to this dish (Tom Kha Ga, essentially).

20 shrimp (medium, cooked, frozen)

I brought the lot to boil once more; and I was good to go!

The shrimp was tasty enough. But I added more red pepper flakes to kick up the broth a notch, when I drank that separately a little while later.

May, 2018

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