Top down view of the cool water, so that is grease showing, or tallow, you educated person, you, peeled mangos, beef far below
the mango seeds, which are quite big, scrapped fairly poorly of the fruit, there is lots of fiber left, with the fat portion of the meat
Shredded beef floating on a liquid soup of mango puree, this was awesomely good,

Mango Beef Stew

8 red mangos
3 lbs stew meat
1½ salt
1 gallon water

I bought the Red Mangos, because they were on sale for 25¢ each. They were not the best. I peeled the skin with a potato peeler and put in the pot whole.

I bought the chuck roast at $1.88/lb, down from $2.49/lb, as it was going bad. I should have gotten a fresher package... or believe I would have if I had to do it over. I placed the lot whole in the pot.

I boiled for two hours, then put in the refrigerator for the night. The next morning, I set it to boil/simmer again. Put in the refrigerator, while I went out. And when I came back, I pulled apart the meat and squeeged the mango off the seeds... sort of felt like diarrhea, if you want the visual.

After putting it back on the stove, bringing to boil, it was time to add the spices. I just add them willy-nilly, hardly tasting as I go... meaning I don't taste. And the measurements are totally meaningless, because who knows how accurate I was... and how much liquid was in the pot, in the first place.

2 teaspoons yellow curry powder
½ teaspoons powdered nutmeg
20 cranks black pepper
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons garlic from jar (it's not as potent, I hear tell)
1 teaspoon ginger from jar (ditto, I presume)
½ teaspoon red curry (hot curry) concentrate
10 shakes soy sauce
5 shakes fish sauce (a smaller hole, so maybe a quarter as much as the soy)

I do measurements completely off the cuff, using EVERYTHING available that sounds like it might go.

Ah, there are lemons!

Hmm! But I did just taste a spoonful. I may be at the happy spot. This will be sitting in the refrigerator for a day or so, you know, before I eat it (not ideal). And I want to be able taste any sour from food spoilage. So, no lemon, today. If I am on the ball, I will add some then.

I'll let simmer for another half hour after adding the works and then have a cup or two.

Um, this is pretty freakin' awesome!

It does not need any lemon.

And at $10 bucks for ten servings, it's the best bargain I've had in a while!

May, 2018

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