Oatmeal Nut Brownies, chock full of nuts, very tasty, very good, not really all that healthy

Oatmeal Nut Brownies

I used the recipe from the inside of the Baker's Chocolate Wrapper, as a starting point to get some rough idea as to the ratios. I mean, since I was using Baker's Chocolate, I figured it would only be polite to take a look at their recipe. But after the modifications this is no longer the Baker Recipe in any meaningful sense.

4oz Baker's Chocolate (accept no substitutes, oh, and 4oz is one package)
2 sticks butter (official recipe uses less, the cowards)

I melted the butter and chocolate in a sauce pan. Presto! And I'm on to the next step.

1½ cups white sugar
½ cup brown sugar

I mixed that into a new bowl. And if price was no object, I'd likely only use brown sugar for just about everything.

4 eggs (ha, I already threw out the Baker's Recipe, but I think they used fewer eggs, I want the protein)
Vanilla (who can say how much, there wasn't that much left in the bottle, so I emptied it)

This is another spot where I mixed it together... by hand, I might add. Food tastes better (and/or I find beaters a hassle to clean) if it is mixed by hand.

1 cup flour

And I mixed again.

2 cups nuts (maybe three, a mixture of what was handy, you know, that bit of a package there, whatever is left of this; in the end, a whole heck of a lot of pecans, walnuts, and sliced almonds)
1½ cups oatmeal

I mixed that sucker together, questioned whether I should add more oats (probably not) or nuts (yeah, I could have added another cup or so).

And then, I plopped it into the oven (inside a butter greased glass dish) for 45min at 350° (almost all baked goods, I find do well enough at 350°).

The brownies were crumbly at first. But set up nicely overnight. For the most, I am eating these straight out of the freezer.

This is the dish that inspired me to start tracking my recipes, again. It's almost healthy... well, not really. But it does pack a lot of nuts. And my mouth has a hard time telling the difference between the oatmeal and coconut. So, it's a high quality snack.

May, 2018

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