simple underscore.js projects, walk through, & tutorial

I won't be typing much in these.  Rather, I intend to let the code speak for itself.

_.range examples

var outputTextOne =, 101, 1), function(n){return ' ' + n;});

_.range feeds values from 0 to 100 at a step of 1 with the return ' ' + n, returns the range with an empty space before it in a string format.  Sole purpose of this is so the string will wrap in the HTML.

Output below:

Nada Yet

var outputTextTwo =, 101, 1), function(n){return ' ' + n*n;});

Outputs below.  n*n is the only difference

Nada Yet

var outputTextThree =, 101, 1), function(n){return ' ' + n*n*n;});

Once again, outputs below.  But this time, it's cubed (n^3).

Nada Yet

Preparing the HTML

<body onload="onLoadFunction();">
Insures the JavaScript doesn't run until the page is loaded (and so the output has somewhere to go).

<div id="outputOne">
Nada Yet
Three of these give the output a div tag to go into.

function onLoadFunction(){
    document.getElementById('outputOne').innerHTML = outputTextOne;
    document.getElementById('outputTwo').innerHTML = outputTextTwo;
    document.getElementById('outputThree').innerHTML = outputTextThree;
And this pushes the JavaScript string variable into the div tag.


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