This is my 'Hello World!' Test Build program for the YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Library
Click anywhere on the "Decimal Symbols" string below (in bold) to redraw the page at X += 10,000 (it takes a moment to parse)

Decimal Symbols from 0 to 9999 using String.fromCharCode(X);

Table parses X-CC-RR, so (X=0, CC = 2, RR=8) compiles to String.fromCharCode(208), which is Ð
Or if that's not clear (and why should it be), keep clicking on "Decimal Symbols" above and you'll eventually come to these sort of symbols ((ݮ = undefined, � = unknown / out of range)). These are all the symbols that come preloaded with your browser: a staggering number.

non dataTable output below

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