This is a test page for the YUI graphing library on the theory that if one (meaning I) can get an animated sequence out of a graphing utility, then they (once again, meaning me) must be doing something right. It's intended to be the start of a prototype for a talking mouth...

These Control the Right Wave

These Control the Left Wave

These Control the Magnitude

These Control Skew Left And Right

From Here down the buttons don't work. The array below is for feedback and debugging purposes. I suppose one could clean it up, so it looked better. But this is really a holding page (perhaps in holding forever) until I come back to it. Under the hood, the code should be documented enough to ease one's transition back in. And if you're viewing this page after going through the creation progression sequence, the main difference is that the graphs no longer cross the axis; and so, act more like lips.

Anyway, I'm not seeing any errors (in lint or firebug), so that's that for now...

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