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A Python Programming Primer

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Conway's Life: One Dimensional Bitwise Operators

import numpy as np
from import imsave

def game_life_image(life, width, length, sN):
    '''creates image showing linear evolution of Conways Game of Life
    seed (life) value at top, evolution proceedes linearly downward
    life = seed value, initial state, any integer value under 2**width
    width = size of image (width of playing field)
    length = height of image (number of turns)
    sN = save name for image file

    img = []
    for x in range(1,length):
        print '{: <4}  {}'.format(x, np.binary_repr(life,width))
        img.append([float(i) for i in np.binary_repr(life,width)])
        #evolution logic using bitwise operators
        life = (life | life<<1 | life>>1) & ~(life & life<<1 & life>>1)

        #eliminates overflow, keeping image at a constant width
        if life > 2**width:
            life -= 2**width 
    img = np.array(img)
    print img.shape
    print img
    imsave(sN, img)

def one_dimensional_game_life_samples():
    '''creates a series of sample images for game_life_image()
    manually change w and testValues as desired
    w = 250
    testValues = [(0,w,w, "life_%d_%d_0.png" % (w,w)),
                  (1,w,w, "life_%d_%d_1.png" % (w,w)),
                  (471,w,w*10, "life_%d_%d_471.png" % (w,w*10)),
                       "life_%d_%d_1110000000.png" % (w,w*10)),
                       "life_%d_%d_10101.png" % (w,w*10)),
                       "life_%d_%d_11100.png" % (w,w*10)),
                       "life_%d_%d_0111001110.png" % (w,w*10)),
    for a,b,c,d in testValues:


The Last Four Images Thus Derived

Conway's Life: Bitwise Linear Output 1110000000
Conway's Life: Bitwise Linear Output 10101
Conway's Life: Bitwise Linear Output 11100
Conway's Life: Bitwise Linear Output 0111001110

Conway's Life: Two Dimensional using Numpy Roll

import numpy as np
import moviepy.editor as mpy

def evolution(seed):
    '''Conway's life two-dimensional turn logic
    given seed, returns next incremental step in Game of Life

    #Cheesy, perhaps, but it gets the job done
    #These shift the array, up, down, right, left, etc.
    down = np.roll(seed,1,0)
    up = np.roll(seed,-1,0)
    right = np.roll(seed,1,1)
    left = np.roll(seed,-1,1)
    upRight = np.roll(right,-1,0)
    upLeft = np.roll(left,-1,0)
    downRight = np.roll(right,1,0)
    downLeft = np.roll(left,1,0)
    #adding all the shifted arrays together, overweighting original
    s = (down + up + right + left + 
              upRight + upLeft + downRight + downLeft + 10*seed)

    #logic of the Game of Life
    s[s==1.0] = 0.0
    s[s==13.0] = 1.0
    s[s==12.0] = 1.0
    s[s==3.0] = 1.0
    s[s!=1.0] = 0.0
    print s
    return s

def two_dimensional_life_samples():
    '''convenience function to quickly create series of gifs
    manually change testValues as appropriate

    testValues = [(np.array(np.random.randint(0,2,(50,500)), float),
                (np.array(np.random.randint(0,2,(10,100)), float),
                  (np.array(np.random.randint(0,2,(100,1000)), float),
    for seed,frames,sN in testValues:

        #holding array for stacked image-like arrays
        gifArray = []
        for _ in range(frames):
            seed = evolution(seed)
            gifArray.append(seed*255) #255 converts 0.0-1.0 to 0-255
        #using the moviepy library to make a gif
        clip = mpy.ImageSequenceClip(gifArray, fps=5)


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